Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jonah Hex #4: The drawback to using photo reference in comic art

Christopher Walken as the villain in Jonah Hex #4 (2005 series), April 2006


  1. Nicholas Cage made an appearance in the last issue.
    Not to mention all the Eastwood in Hex himself.

  2. ACTUALLY ...

    I've read that issue several times now.

    I don't think the Mayor raped his daughter.

    Just think about it a bit.

  3. Hmm. No, seems like a typical Fleisher-like Hex story to me. Its very possible I missed the obvious, so tell me what I am disregarding.

    Other than the father abusing his daughter, the possibility is that she is dating Chako, Dad doesnt like it and the couple manipulated Hex to have Daddy removed as part of the problem. Most reviews of this issue I've read went for the obvious ending of the abusive father.

    But I did remove the 'spoil' warning and incest description. I had debated having it at all when I made the entry and changed it about 4 times and then left it in. I like it better without it so I removed it.

  4. Wow, I'm gonna have to start reading Hex. I had no idea there were chocolate factories in the Old West.


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