Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks, Chelsea!

"I'm here of my own free will to endorse Sleestak for President. I trust Sleestak more than I do my own Mother. After all, Sleestak would never repeatedly sell me to the highest bidder or strand me on a street corner. Sleestak is for America, by America for all true, honest, decent, hard-working Americans that love America. That is why I fully support Sleestak for President. You should too, because if my Mom is elected again, she'll cut you unless you get her [Expletive Deleted] money right now, [Expletive Deleted]! "

Why you blankety-blank!


  1. Sleestak you should be ashamed for "pimping" Chelsea out on for your candidacy.

  2. Hey, Hil-arry, baby, I've got your money.
    (RIP, ODB)


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