Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day for 2008!

Out with the family for Dad's Very Special Day with me being the honored guest. Don't know yet if we are dining at home, Trailer Trash Buffet or Fondue Fusion & Bistro (Awww..Who's got the crappiest and most annoying website interface ever? Yes, you do!). I'm leaning for the fondue joint as it has less homeless winos camping out at the tables while nursing a slice of bread all day long and doesn't serve as a make-shift day care center for out of control and poorly-behaved kiddies.

Then again, y'know...Fondue. I already lived through the 70s once and have no real desire to visit it again in real life except for those outstanding Marvel comic books and Haley Mills films.

Outer Limits television show ad from Congo Bill #4 (January 2000).

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  1. I think that I've eaten that TV dinner before. It wasn't bad, but the green beans were kind of gross.


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