Monday, June 02, 2008

Oh, Doctor

Was that intriguing little thing with Sarah Jane Smith's mouth a stage direction or was that ad-libbed? I've been watching all the episodes of the Tom Baker years of Doctor Who and there were a few scenes featuring actress Elisabeth Sladen in this installment that caught my attention as they seemed a bit out of place. As a long time fan of what was basically a children's show with mature science fiction themes I never really looked at any of the characters in anything more than a superficial manner.

That has now changed.


  1. I always suspected that Sarah Jane had a thing for the Doctor. Thanks to the new series, my suspicions were confirmed! :-)

  2. Elizabeth Sladen has always played Sarah Jane full of nervous face and mouth ticks. Always.

    It's why she's the Kitty Pryde of the Whoniverse.

  3. Siskoid is correct. The quivery mouth is the first thing I associate with Sarah Jane. What seeing her did to my preadolescent hormones...mercy!

  4. Really. I never noticed until this episode. This ep also featured Sarah in her tight sweater all of a sudden breathing very hard, very deeply when the other characters talked about overthrowing Davros. It is what initially drew my attention as she seemd really enthused about the discussion.


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