Monday, June 16, 2008

Son of Hulk: Smash Jr.

I liked Skaar: Son of Hulk well enough as I'm one of those fans who couldn't get enough of World War Hulk. But I'm going to need more in terms of future characterization than that of him simply being "The Hulk Who Kills". When Skaar comes to Earth (and he will eventually, you can bet on that) it will be interesting to see how Daddy deals with him. I hope it has lots of Shatner-esque dialog. " must..LOVE. Not...HATE!"

Marvel has a few angry, young kiddies of heroes out there now. Maybe after Skaar is rejected Daddy he could join up with an all-new Runaways. It could co-star Kid Wolverine, Julie Power (who is calling for a violent revolution against "The Man" for denying her legal definition in marriage), Nocturne and Teen Tony Stark.

I don't know. I hate Teen Tony.

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  1. I gave a pass on Skaar, expecting much as you described "The Hulk Who Kills," and not really looking to follow the adventures of an oddly-hued, hypertrophied Conan with likely daddy issues. It was one of those new titles I off-handedly dismissed when the initial solicitations came through, accompanied as they were by whatever it is Jeph Loeb decided to do with a color-shifted alterna-Hulk over in that series.

    ...and why did you have to remind me of Teen Tony?


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