Saturday, August 09, 2008

The doors of vast airlocks opened

From The Skylark of Valeron, Astounding Stories (January 1935). Story by Edward E. Smith with art by Elliot Dold.


  1. I see a uterus....a vast uterus

  2. It's like he was waging some kind of inner struggle. ", cylindrical...but spherical is pretty good...nah, it should really be cylindrical...but I don't want it to look too phallic...ah, screw it, I'll just slap some fallopian tubes on the front and if anyone calls it Escher-esque I'll say that was intentional."

    It sure is alien, though. Jim Woodring kind of alien.

  3. Avast Uterus would be a great name for a Bond girl, or a band.


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