Monday, August 25, 2008

If only this was our Earth

In What If v2 #30 (October 1991) Ron Marz* scripted an alternate universe tale of nationwide social change brought about by the activist child of Sue and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

I've always enjoyed this particular page for featuring some look-alike Bush Sr. and Cheney characters when they realize that the orgy of unchecked feeding at the public trough and abuse of a nation for personal gain is over. I think the sequence could easily apply to 2008. Ha ha! That's right guys, you better worry!

Power to the people!

Man, I hope the next guys are better than the last bunch.

* I am so very thankful for all those wonderful, subversive, hippies that worked at Marvel.


  1. As a new blogger I think I've mixed things up. This was an addition to my commenbts in 'Skull Comics'.


  2. Well, are you still this optimistic? Anyway, I am enjoying the Futura postings.


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