Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Puzzle of the Crazy Kitchen

I can only find two items wrong in this puzzle: 1) Betty is wearing shoes and 2) Betty is, oddly, not pregnant.

How many mistakes can you find?

From Picture news #3 (March 1949).


  1. Well, at least she's wearing an apron! ;-)

  2. That damned cat has been late with his protection money again, and now he's gonna get a budgie beating like he'll never forget. That's the kind of mistake you only make once.

    Also, the perspective is seriously f'd up, and the inker is a lazy SOB, plus every door in the place is thrown wide open except for the breadsafe, which has no hinges. And have you ever been in any house where there wasn't a single thing stacked on top of the fridge?


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