Friday, August 29, 2008

A Dog's Eye View

I've been pretty pleased about the current team of Robinson, Guedes, Magalhaes and the others on the current Superman title. They are doing a bang-up job with the Atlas story line. It's interesting and has me excited about seeing the following issue. In Superman #679 (Oct 2008) the creative team gave Superman a foe who could conceivably beat him to death without there being much of a stretch (though if it's an iteration of a Doomsday clone I'll be annoyed). They also did a good job of removing another, stronger player in the form of Supergirl from the immediate fight. Atlas would be no match for the cousins if they teamed up against him. Supergirl is still probably stronger than her cousin and should be able to take out Atlas, so removing her from the scene by having her fight on another front allows the drama required for Superman to rise to the occasion and defeat Atlas, the stronger and more vicious opponent.

One of the subplots that has me excited about the next issue is the involvement of Krypto. I love Krypto.

For those who were not paying attention, last month in Superman #678 (Sept 2008) Lois Lane and Clark (Superman) Kent are at home discussing among other domestic issues, the family pet. In what appears to be a simple flashback scene Lois is letting her feelings for the dog be known. She doesn't care for the super-dog, considering him dangerous and uncontrollable. During their conversation Clark is fully aware that Krypto is keeping an eye and ear on the humans he considers part of his pack, the Kent family. This is where Robinson shows some cleverness without being expository and respects the reader enough to catch on.

What looks like an artistic device of a flashback is really a dog's eye view of the Kent apartment from who knows how distant. Krypto is watching and is probably getting concerned about Lois' attitude. Since the dog uses steel girders for chew toys it is probably not a good idea to appear to be a threat. Robinson shows the reader that by Clark's emphasis on certain words he is not really speaking to Lois, but actually to the eavesdropping dog. Lois is obviously not catching on to her husband's odd turns of phrases. By reinforcing that Krypto is a good dog and that the dog should also love Lois, Clark is making sure that his pet doesn't do anything to harm his fragile, human wife while he is occupied elsewhere and is also ensuring that the dog would come to Lois' aid if she required it by protecting a member of his pack. Clark knows Lois would freak out if he had to tell her this because Krypto is dangerous, so he doesn't bother explaining it in depth to her or us, the readers.

This reinforcement of training for Krypto comes in handy later after Atlas knocks Superman out during a battle in the center of the city.

That's right! That "Grrr" can mean only one thing!


No, not really. You wish, fanboy.

What it really heralds is the promise of a great next issue featuring KRYPTO! Yay! DC better not kill him.

I can't wait.


  1. Geez, I love Krypto to pieces. You gotta love any critter that gets Superman to such such endearingly adorable things as, "I have the BESTEST dog ...!" :-)

    Agreed -- they'd better not kill him!

  2. Jeez, they're not gonna kill him are they? I mean, anyone but Krypto!

    I think it was Alan Moore's 'Last Superman Story', done way back just prior to the John Byrne re-vamp -- He killed Krypto in that 'imaginary' story and it drove me to tears...

    I'm SO far behind in my 'queue' of comics to read, it'll be a while before I've caught up to these current Krypto appearances, but I'll remain hopeful that there's a place remaining for the bestest super-dog.

  3. "What looks like an artistic device of a flashback is really a dog's eye view of the Kent apartment from who knows how distant. "

    OMG, that's brilliant; I totally missed it.

    And, yes, they are very much acting as if Krypto's going to bite it,

  4. The foreshadowing that has me worried:

    1) Lois doesn't care for the dog. Lots of dramatic potential for a scene as she cradles his head as he dies.

    2) Too much 'good dog' sentiments. Again the potential for drama as a character will say "Yes, you were a good dog. The very best" as he dies.

    3) "Dead heroes sell".

    4) DC keeps making odd decisions in reference to their characters. Krypto may be too cool and kid-friendly for the new MCU (Morrison Comics Universe).

  5. Unless they decide to somehow make Krypto evil, kinda like Mary Marvel.

  6. Hmm, another chalk-white member of the Superman Family with pronoun trouble? Maybe they'll just give him his own planet and bring him back for holiday-themed issues.

    Heck, who'm I kidding? This has got Ol' Yeller written all over it. DiDio is one low-down dog-killing varmint. A man who'll have a girl eaten alive by rats will not stop at anything.

  7. As far as I recall, the Alan Moore story was imaginary, "but then again, aren't they all..."


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