Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John and Bully in 3-D!

It's Bully's pal John's birthday today! John is a great guy. We have never met in person and we know each other only via our blogs. John is, to paraphrase a professional blogger, a real internet friend. John had helped me when I was going through a very bad time by sending me literally thousands of dollars worth of books. By doing this John kept me entertained when my resources were severely curtailed and I was unable to access the art and stories I enjoy. I was incredibly depressed and stressed and John helped keep my spirits up by sending care packages. A whole bunch of bright spots in a pretty dark time. Those lights had to be cast by someone and that was John. He shines. His kindness helped in ways I can't ever repay. If John and Bully make it to the San Diego Con this year I want to shake his hand, Bully's hoof and buy them both lunch everyday.

So I can't think of a better treat than letting everyone wishing John and his pal Bully a happy birthday than for everyone to do so in person. On my budget the cost of flying the thousands of his fans around the country would be impossible but I can make it happen through the magicks of the internet!

So break out the red & blue glasses folks, because while most of you can't meet John in person I can bring the next best thing, JOHN & BULLY in 3-D!

So click on over to Bully's place and join the party!

Bully & John in 3D

Happy Birthday, John!


  1. AIEEEEEE! I'm coming right at me!

    Thanks for the kind wishes! I'm planning to be at SDCC this year so we'll party like it's 1999! And I'm very lucky to have you as a good blog-buddy! When I'm down your posts give me the giggles! Thanks!

  2. Silly me. The day I was buying the tickets they sold out. So we'll have to twitter to meet or something.


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