Sunday, May 03, 2009

Say What You Want

Sunday is always Don't Mess With Texas day!

Though I had heard a few tunes from the band Texas prior to 1995 via my interest in imported music I had never really payed much attention to them. That changed when one day I was idly browsing the directory of a promotional CD given to me buy a car salesman. Not wanting to load the bloated proprietary adware that was surely bundled along with the information about a car I was interested in buying I poked around through the various folders. Looking for Easter eggs on a CD was one of those nerdy things I did back then.

Several years before companies thought it necessary to protect their product with nothing more than a warning they thought nothing of releasing promotional materials that contained free songs, videos and photos of musical bands stored in standard formats. For the most part these promotional materials were not recorded as data that could only be read via proprietary media players and files could be easily viewed and copied. Most companies did not anticipate, understand or could cope with the emerging peer-to-peer technologies and were unprepared for what could happen to their intellectual properties and how it would, for a short time, affect sales. A few years later the label that carried Texas would make them one of the first bands to flood the peer-to-peer networks with fake music files to discourage unauthorized downloading). Quite often fun and interesting stuff (relatively, that is) could be found in the folders of the random compact disc.

In one folder I found some video files and opened them. One video was an annoying animated squirrel that hosted the section featuring a car and one was random video of the car I was test driving. A few other files were interesting and were just CD extras of some sort. One was an an audio interview with the band The Cardigans and one was a music video from Paris Hampton. The final video was from the band Texas, it was 60mg big when most computers had trouble holding that much information on an entire hard drive and I played the hell out of it. I still have the original CD in storage and may be most noteworthy today for containing the only remaining existing recording of Paris Hampton performing her signature song Old Ghost.

Heavy with CGI that must have been scary expensive back when it was created in 1995 the Texas video was the song Say What You Want from their White On Blonde album. I had actually heard the song a few times before on the radio but it was the video that helped make me a Texas fan. For those who are influenced by that aspect of it in choosing your music, in the video Sharleen Spiteri has evolved from the young, scruffy-cute New Wave garage band performer into the sexy and hot woman that would be later be promoted so heavily in materials for The Hush era album. One could also see in the video the inklings of why Sharleen has such a large lesbian following.

The song received some respectable though short-lived American airplay back in 1996, possibly aided by being on the soundtrack of a movie. The Wu-Tang Clan also collaborated on the song for a later release and it was that version that was played in concert when Texas was touring.

Here is the video for Say What You Want, from their official channel.

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  1. I have been looking for "Old Ghost" for a long damn time. You know those songs that get stuck in your head and you can't quite remember how they go? Imagine that since the late nineties. For reals. Email me at, please. :D


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