Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now with more lens flare

Got this Beam-Me-Up Star Trek movie tie-in badge in my dinner cereal last night. Not that I'd ever wear it, red is Engineering and that's what division Security is under, right? Wearing anything associated with a Redshirt is just asking for it.

Besides, there isn't any way to attach the badge to a shirt short of using a hot glue gun. I don't know what this thing does other than light up behind the insignia and at the tip and then only if you press the button pretty hard.

The picture on the box led me to believe there was a base for the badge included so it could stand up and look cool on a desk. But there isn't. Unfortunately, all it does is lay there. As far as promotions go the badge is kind of lame even as a flashlight. It would have been geek-cool if it had sound FX, could stand on it's side without falling, a clip to attach to your underwear or even a little hole in the body somewhere to run a chain through so you could attach it to your keys. Like the movie, the badge has potential and seems like it was intended to do something cool, but the company gave up somewhere between the licensing and the design stage.


  1. It looks like it might be useful as a tool to clean out earwax. Maybe.

  2. I think it would be more useful as birth control.

  3. I also got the engineering badge and was a little disappointed about the base not being included like it showed on the box of my Rice Krispies.

  4. Well what did you expect from filthy Rice Krispies?

  5. It has been my experience that any form of Star Trek paraphernalia taken on a date will usually act as a very effective form of birth control.


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