Thursday, May 28, 2009

Virginia Is For Prudes

I enjoy reading the letters pages and editorials of comic books and magazines. While a letter page does not have the immediate feedback of the internet forum of today it does allow insight into what the publishers are focusing on. The limitations of space forces them to discard the snark and cherry pick for good or ill the items they don't want to acknowledge or keep the ones that would fit their goals. One exception to the letter pages would be those accompanying anything written by Kirkman. I'd like more story and less chat in his books.

On occasion you come across a gem or two among the dross like the the insights of a young fan who would become a force in comics years later or the ignorant bleats of the racist. Those are always interesting. For example, from way back in 1977 here is the letter that was sent in by one reader complaining about the illustrations that accompanied the classic Fredric Browne SF story Arena.

A few words of caution, don't stare too long at the art below because you might catch the "sexual problems" the reader warned about.
Painting by Boris Vallejo, ink drawing by Rene from Starlog #4 (March 1977).

Letter published in Starlog #6 (June 1977).


  1. "Fancy Gap" sounds like a place with sexual problems before Starlog got involved.

    Okey, sorry about the gap joke.

    Funny how people think art can turn you gay.

  2. Boris Vallejo is an amazing artist.

    (Rather funny to see a naked man being confronted by a tentacle monster... no wonder the poor letter writer was so hot and bothered.)

  3. I am far more disturbed by the sheernakedness slime monster. Have they no shame!?!?!

  4. Fredric Brown used to get mad at innocents calling him by the hackeyed moniker Frederick. Please ammend your ways.


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