Saturday, November 26, 2011

Robots with Brains

Credited to Nathaniel Nitkin (N. N. Nathaniel) is this two page pulp-inspired illustrated story Robots with Brains from Weird Comics #11 (February 1941).

No surprises here and the story seems to be missing a few paragraphs in the beginning but the image of the robot chauffeur taking the hero for a ride is postable.

Text stories are seemingly out of place in old comics but they were often included in comic books and comic magazines to allow the periodical to qualify for better shipping rates.

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  1. I love your selections from old comics. I like this one but it leaves me with some questions. Weird comics was sold in the US but this story shows the driver on the right. This is a minor question compared to what was the unnamed maniac's business plan? He was killing people and using their brains to direct hugely powerful, difficult or impossible to stop robots - and then make money by renting them out as taxi drivers? (The robot driver appears to have been planning to take Pat Casey to his destination - until he pulled off the hat and revealed his driver was a robot.) His control over the robots was so weak that a single suggestion that obedience was not the only option was enough to bring his whole robot force out in revolt.


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