Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Oh, no! Susie Derkins and Mr. Bun have taken an unscheduled trip into the past to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth! Calvin should not have left the keys in the time machine for just anyone to stumble upon but then again he isn't the most responsible little guy.

I was nostalgic for Calvin and Hobbes so I threw this image together as a lark. The idea that Calvin would just shrug and go play when he discovered his time machine was missing tickled me. Only Hobbes would be likely to show some curiosity or concern when he realized Susie was also nowhere to be found. He would have to badger Calvin into a rescue mission, the result being that both of them would probably get sidetracked by mutants, homework and clones until long after Susie made it back to present day on her own, no thanks to Calvin and his tiger. I just wrote 2 weeks worth of dailies and a full color Sunday strip in my head just now.

All original art elements by Bill Watterson and amateurish cut-and-paste by me. If he sees this I hope he approves.


  1. Nice job. Just showed it to my 8 year old and he loved it.

    He and his 14 year old sister were Calvin & Hobbes for Halloween this year and are BIG fans!

  2. Good one! I always loved C&H, one of the FEW top tier comics ever...Peanuts, Pogo and Doonesbury are a few of the classics that I've enjoyed next to that strip. Maybe Pooch Cafe, Cul De Sac and Arlo and Janis are the new class...?


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