Sunday, April 02, 2006

Later, At The Laboratory

"It's cool. Say, would you mind picking up that Kandorian micro-wrench? It's on the floor behind you. Yeahhhh, just bend on over and...thaaaat's it..huurrr...huurrr."
Anti-gravity shoes? More like Anti-gravity bang me like a screen door in a hurricane stiletto boots!

- From Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #21 (Nov 1960)

Lois Lane is the most gloriously, wonderfully insane DC series ever. You want surreal? Skip Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol and read all 137 issues of that series as I did. This title actually causes brain damage while alternately curing all ills.

Oddly, I have the feeling this book was not aimed at the female comic book buying demographic.


  1. "Oddly, I have the feeling this book was not aimed at the female comic book buying demographic."

    Beats me. All I know is that I loved the Lois Lane comic when I was a kid. She was a human female, no super powers, who had a job that wasn't teacher or librarian or nurse, the typical jobs for women back then, she was smart and savvy and clever. She was one role model I could relate to. Supergirl was the other who, despite her powers, was around my own age.

  2. Lois is too manipulative to be a good role model.

  3. The manipulative thing was more in the Superman books than in her own book, and even when it was there, it was simply a product of the time. But in the Lois Lane comic, she got to solve mysteries on her own. I loved the one where she exposed the fake medium. I even practiced writing by holding chalk between my toes, just like Lois did. There were some wonderful stories in that book, along with a lot of silliness, but all the books had some of that back then. I guess it was just me being a kid and young teen when I was reading those books, and not seeing strong female characters other than Supergirl with their own books or stories (and the love crazy girls in Archie, or in the girl comics like Millie the Model, Katy Keene, etc). Lois, as a non-powered human, had no competition as far as I could see.


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