Monday, December 31, 2007

Time Travelin' Schatzi's Happy New Year!

You never know where Time Travelin' Schatzi © will show up next! But Schatzi is a good dog so he stole a few minutes from his mission to save all of reality to drop in on San Diego's beautiful Ocean Beach in the year 1918 and pose for a Happy New Year photo with some bathers!

Moments after the photo was taken Schatzi sniffed out the sun-worshipers as actually being smelly tourists from Maryland and chased them off our beaches and out of the county, sending them all on their way back to Stupidlandia where they came from with comical rips to the seats of their pants and swim trunks. Schatzi doesn't like the Maryland tourists fouling San Diego's beaches and fine vistas with their imported garbage, foul presence and heathen ways. Good boy!

Where will Schatzi appear next? One never knows!

Keep the ads on the ad pages

It's bad enough that Marvel has a serial killer selling cars, but now the U.S. Army is paying for product placement type ads in comic books (And what's up with the name tag on that soldier that reads "MUTART" in that other ad anyways?).

I understand that the days of the Count Dante account supporting a comic are long gone but I wish Marvel (and others) wouldn't allow the military to place advertising within the stories themselves. Comic Books are still perceived to be disposable fare for children and teens by the greater public. What's next, a cartoon character selling booze and cigarettes?

I could think of a few things that would serve the comic better to have showing on the Avenger's penthouse entertainment system than a commercial for the military. For instance, a Hayley Mills film like "Sky West and Crooked" would not be out of place.
If Marvel wants to promote the armed services then they should just have that old G.I. Joe cartoon running in the background. That show probably faked more kids into joining up than any number of "MUTART" ads would ever do.

Or Wolvie could have drifted off watching the bestest television show ever!
Comic book readers are somewhat of a captive audience. Product placement in the movies is one thing, there is no way to show commercials for added revenue otherwise. But comic books have full pages already devoted to advertising. Short of tearing out those pages there is no way for a reader to avoid at least giving them a glance, hence money well spent by the marketing agencies. So do me a favor and keep the ads on the advertising pages.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

You can put me in the "I Hate Joe Q" camp now

Spidey can find it in himself to lift a 20 ton piece of machinery off of his back because of the thought of all the people who rely on him gives him strength to persevere. But he can't say no to the Devil?
I stated before I understand why Joe Quesada would want to return Peter Parker to single status and get rid of MJ, but I don't have to like it.

I don't.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Second Swarm - Frank R. Paul illustrations

Masses of masonry rose jerkily from below the surface. They covered the whole region for miles near the two stranded interstellar ships, and from the rising masses of masonry , the mouths of guns could be seen, bombarding the eight interstellar ships, destroying them one by one before they could rise more than their own length.

Faster and faster did Matilda drop in pursuit, the wings on her back whining terribly as they forced her down with the speed of a bullet. Her hands were outstretched. Her body was as straight as an arrow and rigid. Only her fingers moved, opening and closing spasmodically on open air. Would she never reach Ureena?

Four minutes late, the first mighty interstellar ship slowly began to rear up until its sharp nose pointed up at an angle of forty-five degrees, then it rose heavenwards. Following fast behind it came ten more of the huge interstellar ships.

The large doors in the sides of the ships opened and men equipped with individual flying wings strapped upon their backs stepped out of the ships and flew down...The surface of that world was covered with the bodies of the intelligent creatures, who had inhabited it. They looked like giant hairy tarantulas, over a hundred times larger than the largest tarantula that ever existed on Earth.

Story by J. Schlossel. Published in Amazing Stories Quarterly (February 1928).

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What If...Captain America remained frozen in ice until present day?

Everyone familiar with the character of Captain America knows his story:

Pharmaceutics-enhanced Steve Rogers fought Nazis and evil during World War 2 as the symbol of Liberty, Freedom and the American Dream, Captain America. After foiling a Nazi plot the Captain fell from an exploding rocket into freezing ocean waters where he lapsed into a state of suspended animation. He was rescued years later in the 1960s by the Avengers, thawed out and continued the good fight for several decades.

Yet what would have happened if he was never discovered by the Avengers and continued to drift in a block of ice among the floes and icebergs until present day? The Captain's story would turn out quite differently.

Due to global warming the rapidly melting polar ice caps would partially expose the Captain's body, until now protected deep within in a large block of ice since the final days of World War 2, to the open air and harsh environment. With their sensitive noses, hungry and nomadic polar bears would detect the slumbering hero from miles distant and converge on the site. Using their mighty claws and wicked teeth a polar bear would have little difficulty tearing away the thinning layer of ice covering Captain America and grabbing a filling meal.

Wuh? What's that noise? Man, it's cold. Hey, I can't move...


Bucky, is that youuuuuuOMIGODAHHHHHHHHHHH...!


Hibari No Komoriuta aka The Japanese Parent Trap

Hibari No Komoriuta (Lullaby for Hibari) is based on a 1949 novel and is also known as the "Japanese Parent Trap". Made in 1951 and collected recently on YouTube are parts one through nine of the film that preceded by 10 years the classic Hayley Mills cinematic opus, The Parent Trap.

Check it out!

In 9 parts: The Japanese Parent Trap

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Movement...Or My Heart!

Whoa! The way Brandy acts you'd think that insignia on her hat stood for a completely different word! Perhaps she is required to wear a "scarlet letter" as punishment for being a feminist.

"The Movement...Or My Heart!" was originally published in Our Love Story #18 (August 1972) and reprinted two years later in My Love #31 (November 1974). This is another romance comic book issue where the original cover had superior production value to the reprint, where the staff seems to have saved a few dollars on the coloring job.

Brandy is a hostile, progressive feminist who wears pant-suits and disdains mini-skirts and other sexy clothing. Her work for the cause of equality for women consumes her to the detriment of all else in her life. That is, until she meets a sexy Congressman and falls in love! In no time at all Brandy begins to doubt her devotion to the cause of Women's Rights and her commitment to anything but keeping a house clean for her man.

Must Brandy choose between living as a domesticated hearth-slave or liberated woman? Can she have the best of both worlds? Read and find out!

Whew! Good thing for all men everywhere that Brandy was co-opted by sexual politics and sold out for a 3-bedroom townhouse! Just goes to show that all them uppity chicks need is a bit o' lovin' to calm them down and get them back to cookin' sammiches!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Jonnie Love Speaks out!

Groove on the picture to make it a happening, man!

I'm convinced that weird, nosy old guys with cautionary slogans tattooed onto their foreheads shouldn't be hanging around places young teens congregate.

From Time For Love #11 (July 1969).

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Regifting encouraged

The recognition of Christmas is a simple affair at the Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex. As Hayley undoubtedly frowns upon the waste of natural resources the 500 Christmas displays within the Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex are fashioned from live trees that are grown year round in the Garden of Hayley Awesomeness. The trees are carefully removed from the garden, tastefully decorated and are replanted once the holiday season is over.

Pilgrims and staff leave Hayley-themed gifts under each tree that are unlabeled and unwrapped. This way each visitor, employee and volunteer can pick their very own special gift to round out their collections of Hayley memorabilia. This method of gift-giving ensures that no one is disappointed or traumatized by opening a wrapped gift and discovering that the on line retailer accidentally shipped the heinous Lohan version of the Parent Trap DVD instead of the proper and far more superior Hayley Mills entry.

Regifting is encouraged because what could be better than receiving back that autographed poster of Hayley Mills you gave that orphan on the last Hayley Mills Appreciation Day?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frosty the Golem

Nothing says "supernatural vengeance" like a mass of unliving natural materials animated and set on a path of justice by those who have suffered at the hands of others. Frosty the Snowman, the sanitized Rankin-Bass television special aside, is a Golem in the traditional sense.

The famous seasonal song immortalized by Gene Autry holds much clear evidence as to Frosty's origins and ultimate purpose. The lyrics of the tune are easy enough to interpret correctly. Frosty is in actuality a creature of Old Testament-style power created by Kabala-worshiping children to correct the inequities they suffered at the hands of the citizens and from the horrible pogroms of the anti-semitic town in which they reside. Lacking tools or anything that could be used as a weapon the desperate and faithful children build a Golem of legend out of the only material they could easily manipulate and gather: Snow.

By placing a hat (very likely a yarmulke) imbued with powerful magic upon a humanoid form fashioned of inanimate matter, a Golem is brought to a semblance of life by a vengeful God in answer to the children's anguished prayers. Dubbed "Frosty"by the innocent and non-ironic children, the creature is sent from its birthing place in the forest armed with a "broomstick" (rather, a huge club of some sort) into the village on a mission of vengeance. Song scribes Steven "Jack" Rollins and Steve Nelson do not even attempt to hide the terrible descriptions of the Snow-Golem's murderous spree of righteous retribution to be found in the lyrics of the song.

The phrase "Thumpety thump thump" is repeated several times during the song, succinctly describing not the martial tune of an impromptu parade of happy children following an imaginary character into innocent play, but rather the continuous blows of icy fists made hard as granite by the bitter cold against the flesh of those who would oppress the innocent. Frosty's first target of retribution upon entering the village is a "police officer" who is actually the symbol of racist, intolerant government and authority. Just as in the classic legend of the Golem, once the ice creature completes it's mission it departs and returns to its previous state of lifeless, inanimate matter, promising to "be back again some day" if needed to mete out swift punishment against evil-doers.

While it is true that the Golem is merely a weapon that acts as the instrument of God's will sometimes not all of the missions end in large scale destruction and death. On occasion God is merciful and Frosty the Golem is set on a path not of destruction but enlightenment. In the following story adapted from ancient legends for the 1954 issue of Dell Comics "Frosty the Snowman" the Golem is summoned by a victim of intolerance and battles racism by the simple act of patrolling a village. Frosty the Golem appears harmless and even helpful in the all-ages version of the tale, but doubtlessly the very presence of the creature forced the terrified citizenry to re-think their intolerant ways and accept the cultures and people that do not act, think, worship or dress as they do.

Look past the cartoon figures and funny animals and you can sense the seething anger and pain that must have sent the frozen creature on it's mission. Brrrrr!

Frosty the Golem says:
Take heed, heathens!

Deadlier Than the Male

"A finger-breakin' good time!"

I could watch this film every day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweet Su

1967 film starring Shirley Eaton (best known as the woman murdered by paint in Goldfinger) loosely based on the Sax Rohmer pulp stories.

I am for any film where people try to knife Frankie Avalon to death but this is not as fun of a film as the sexy spy-farce Deadlier Than the Male and it can even be painful to watch primarily because of the choice of male leads. There are a few other cinematic large-breasted entries to the Sumaru story but I recommend the original printed tales.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I see this pulp magazine cover all the time and I didn't really pay attention to it until this morning, ignoring it as just another entry to generic pulp magazine art.

The cover art for the July 1929 Amazing Stories sort of depicts a scene from the Jules Verne story "The Desert of Ice". Then I took a closer look at the painting.


I'm sorry, but that image is hilarious. None of the bears hurtling skyward seem overly upset over being at the epicenter of a huge detonation of black powder. Two of the bears are tossed up in mid-step (one is upside-down) and are quite nonchalant, another is sniffing around for the abruptly missing ground and another is looking about curiously as if puzzled about the sudden over-abundance of flame. Only one polar bear is hightailing it away from the scene. For all the action they display they could be colorforms of bears stuck on a canvas.

While this cover disconnect isn't as radical as some of the entries from pulps and comic books it does resemble more the illustration and description featuring the active Arctic volcano expelling lava and rocks than the disposal of troublesome, hungry polar bears.

The cover art is kind of an interesting creative mix of the two ideas, probably derived from whatever art instructions or notes were given to the artists.

Because deception is always a good start to a relationship

Dr. Zaius knows...

From My Love #32 (March 1975).

Sunday, December 16, 2007

LOL Docs

Shredding of Government documents up 600 per cent since Bush took office? Common sense, butt-covering or hargle-bargle? Dr. Zaius has opportunities.

The Super Jrs.

From the Super Jrs. Holiday Special (March 1985).