Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Love #10 - No Man Is My Master!

Originally brought to my attention by flickr user just.because, My Love #10 (March 1971) is another unintentionally hilarious attempt by old, out-of-touch men to script a comic book romance featuring liberated women of the 1970s. This is a story that should be infuriating to anyone with a shred of dignity or self-respect but probably made perfect sense to the confused, elderly gents that diligently applied 1940s sensibilities and mores to the wacky and tumultuous 1970s.

I have have to give the creators credit for trying to please their customers even though Stan and the gang obviously had no damn clue what was going on down in the streets and probably gleaned all of their contemporary cultural knowledge from browsing Time Magazine at the news stand and watching Walter Cronkite for 10 minutes each evening. The entire story is full of brain-hurting gold like the "Duckling" panel shown above.

The story was also reprinted a few years later in issue #25 of the same title, albeit with a vastly inferior coloring job on the cover. FYI Marvel: Gwen is hotter than MJ. Also, way to totally ruin the awesome Kirbyesque look of her dress with the recolor.

So here for your enjoyment is the reprint of "Mo Man Is My Master!" in it's entirety from My Love #25 (September 1973), no messy downloads required.

I thought only Ultimate Jarvis was a leering perv?

It's been said before and I'll say it again now: Stan Lee had no business writing a romance story. Oh, man. i just had a thought. If he got his story ideas from real life, what were his personal relationships like?


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  2. That's -- bizarre --. Everything she wants in a man, except he's an asshole?

  3. "Me Tarzan -- You Jane!"
    "And that's the way it was meant to be!"

    Aargh, my eyes!


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