Saturday, November 11, 2006

They don't call him "The Man" for nothing

Out of all the photos taken at the Temple University panel hosted by Stan Lee and Jeanette Kahn the editors choose these two unfortunate examples to publish.

First off, Stan forgets that just because you wear shades it does not mean that people can't tell you are checking out Ms. Kahn's rack.


Then, he goes for the grope.

Photos don't lie. Not in 1979, anyways.

- The Comics Journal (July 1979)



  1. Er, maybe it was consentual or something.

    "OK Mr. Lee, when we sit down, go ahead and grab a bit, then we'l do the Q&A."

  2. First visit to the blog. Those Stan Lee pics cracked me up. I was laughing out loud at "The Man."


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