Sunday, November 19, 2006

Love and Affection, Comic Book Style!

Manic, misogynistic, obsessive and depressive random panels from romance and Silver Age comic books.


Well, she wears glasses after all.

It's like my teen years in comic book panel form!
Right down to the humiliating costumes.

So how many kids avoided a hobby for fear of losing their pet?

Father of the Year

That'll shut her up. She just needed some lovin'.

Maybe not, if that love-tap is any indication.

Mom looks like she's talking a stroll down "memory lane" there, and the name of that particular throughway is Dirty Nasty Hose-Monster Freak Avenue.

I think women lie, sometimes.

If her ex's name is Jimmy Olsen, he probably is.

Little Hellcat deserves her own title.

Never kiss a girl who carries a machete. Unless you are both in South America.
And even then, watch it.

You could scrub yourself for a week with raw pumice and gasoline, honey, but you can't cleanse your soul of what you did to get into that rock concert last night.

What women want.

Stupid girls are the best! You can get away with so much stuff.

Hey, now! Looks like boyfriend Allen is going to get some Hot Mommy action!

That's actually kinda hot.

I bet she already finished off that gallon of wine.

The screaming multitude of voices in her head told her to love him.
Soon, they will clamor for her to quench her deep, precious feeling of hunger.

If these tips don't work, try slutting it up a bit. Guys respond to that.
(And somehow I doubt a good place for a woman to meet men is the local YMCA)

Yeah, she is positively glowing with joy and bliss.

A letter's page giving out innapropriate advice.

"The End"
Get it? Nice caption placement.



  1. Wow, I haven't seen advice columns like that in any of the comics that I've ever owned.

  2. Ok, that was absolutely laugh out loud funny. My wife gave me an odd look when I started busting up at the screen... and much of that was the vinnie colletta ink job on the final scanned panel alone!

  3. Ouch! I like the moxie of that mechanic boss-lady gal. No girly slaps in the face from her, but a good, solid wrench to the noggin! Sure, it risks manslaughter charges, but no one will doubt you're the boss!


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