Thursday, November 02, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Pay me and I'll wear it

The vendor representing the new product that the deli will be carrying handed out these buttons for us to wear to make our customers aware that the store will soon be carrying a different brand of meat and cheese.

All of the women in the department who are over-weight and out of shape* decline to wear the button because they think the message reflects badly on them due to their body type.

I on the other hand, when asked why I won't wear it, took a stand on principle. I am not paid to advertise the product, so I won't be a walking billboard.

This is for much the same reason I won't wear clothing with product logos on them. Anyone who pays a company $15.95 for the license to walk around providing advertising for their product is a tool. I'm all for brand loyalty, there is some quality stuff out there. But if some company wants me to wear a t-shirt that promotes their movie, soft drink, beer or innovative spark-plug then they can start by having it be provided free of charge** and then giving me money to wear it.


*That would be all of them.
** Free means free. No "collecting points", "buy a 4-pack and get a free shirt", paying shipping and handling or any of those scams.

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  1. You don't want to wear a Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift T-shirt? Who's the tool now, Sleestak?


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