Friday, November 10, 2006

The Big Barda Drinking Game

The rules are simple: During your next get together with your many comic book friends get the party started by grabbing a random comic book that features the Apokoliptian uber-soldier Big Barda. Every time Big Barda speaks the name of MEGA-ROD you have to drink a beer or a shot of your favorite hard liquor.

Ready? Begin!

Nope. Big Barda did not say MEGA-ROD! But, take a drink anyway.
She looks awesome grasping MEGA-ROD so firmly.

Yes! Take a drink!
Barda evoked MEGA-ROD!

MEGA-ROD! Apply directly to chin!
MEGA-ROD! Apply directly to chin!
MEGA-ROD! Apply directly to chin!

This panel is worth a drink, so go ahead!

MEGA-ROD will take you there.
Barda said the name of MEGA-ROD twice, so have two!

Yet another drink!
MEGA-ROD will take you to where the action is!

MEGA-ROD does not suffer nests of bumbling hams gracefully.
Take one drink for every bumbling ham that MEGA-ROD has righteously zokked and bapped!

MEGA-ROD will indicate where the party is!
Have another drink!

MEGA-ROD serves up another round.
Time for a drink!

Barda didn't say MEGA-ROD but that's okay.
Any mention of MEGA-ROD counts, so have a drink!

Guess what? You win!
Everybody wins who plays the Big Barda Drinking Game!

Panels from Mister Miracle #4 (October 1971)



  1. Aw jeesh, it'sh only eight o'clock an' I'm drunk alrea'y.

  2. You deserve to be king of the internet.

  3. id twelb ocluck an i feel fine. dubel all drinksssssssssssssssssssssss


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