Saturday, November 04, 2006

I have no regrets!

Sad, Bradbury-esque one page short from Mystery in Space #113 (Nov 1980).



  1. The cats in the cradle with the silver, la, la,

    so sad .... :P

  2. Man I can't wait to go to the STARS! I hear the food tastes so good at the STARS that compared to it, eating Earth food is like licking vomit off a toilet. And the TV, my god, the TV! STARS have TV that's so excellent you become utterly addicted to it the first time you watch it. Just like here, except it's GOOD. And the women are all beautiful, but they ignore you, but that's okay because you're too busy eating and watching TV and thanking god that you live at the STARS!

    Man, the STARS solve everything. My brother went to the STARS and now he's not a sarcastic jerk anymore. I can't wait to go!


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