Saturday, November 18, 2006

That's Cool McCool!

Mark Evanier let me know that the mid-1960's cartoon Cool McCool is being prepared for DVD release.

IT'S ABOUT DARN TIME! I've been waiting since 1966 to see that show again.

Mark opined that like many other things which he enjoyed in his youth, he may not enjoy the cartoon now that he is older and wiser. Me, I don't care. Cool McCool was enjoyed and popular enough that when I was young all the neighborhood kids used the character's name as a catchphrase.

When you showed the gang your dad's Korean war era bayonet it was praise to hear "That's so cool. It's Cool McCool." When your pesky little sister fell out of the tree-house and ran home crying the gang would knod wisely and say "That was Cool McCool." When Alfalfa and Darla got caught kissing behind the fence you would all shout "That was not Cool McCool!" and then we kicked him out of the He-Men Wimmin-Haters Klub.

So the cartoon may not measure up to my memories of how neat-o it was, but that is okay. 1966 was a pretty good year for me so I enjoy the nostalgia. The pond full of frogs when wet and a crackling mat of fallen cat-tails when dry. Those half-wild horses down the road that would come up to the fence for an apple but wouldn't let you touch them. The crazy old man with false teeth fashioned of red glass who collected dragonfly husks and lived in the white boarding house managed by the Widow Smithson. The gang knew he was really an alien gathering information on us so when he disappeared after being confronted that one bright Tuesday morning by Stinky Joe, Utter Farley and the rest of us we felt pretty good about it all Summer long and far into the Winter.

Good times, good times.


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