Friday, November 03, 2006

It's a trap!

Police use this stretch of Maryland highway for a revenue-enhancing speed trap selective safety enforcement. They position a police vehicle out of the line of sight of on-coming drivers behind the highway signage just above the exit ramp. Drivers that are unaware of the abrupt change from 65 mph to 55 mph or that are careless speed down the hill and emerge from behind the signage into full view of the police car and well within range of the speed radar gun.

This same stretch of highway is also where my car radio (again set to NPR, 88.1) received several minutes of very, very, very graphic phone sex. There are no residences in the vicinity so I imagine it was possibly being picked up from a nearby car by one of those hands-free phone set ups that work through your car speakers via the radio.



  1. Wait. So someone was engaged in very, very, very graphic phone sex WHILE DRIVING?!?!?

    Jeez, it's all I can do to keep focused on the road while singing along to old Rush albums.


  2. Is that 695 near Glen Burnie? I'll have to remember that one.


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