Friday, November 17, 2006

Civil War #5: Minor Fanboy Stuff

I notice a welcome retcon of a retcon and incidents of lazy writing, art and editorialship.

I have been waiting years for this. Yes, comic fans, Gwen Stacey died when she came to a abrupt stop at the end of a hastily cast webline. Yes, she would have died anyways when she hit the water. Gwen was probably already dying from abuse at the hands of the the Green Goblin. She was struck by the goblin-glider hard enough to throw her up and out over the edge of the bridge tower (the same glider flying at a slower speed killed the Goblin when he was hit by it in a later issue, the Norman around today is a clone). But it was the sudden stop that finished her.

Many have commented on how creepy the relationship is for the undercover identities of Sue Storm and her brother Johnny to be that of a married couple. That didn't bug me as much as how the dialog description of their identities did not match their physical appearance. Sue resembles the Grandmother of Johnny's last date?

I guess the artist doesn't use geriatric porn for his photo-references and only gets mags with hot women in them. Or that is one hot grandma.

The Skrull half-breed Hulkling volunteers to sneak into the Baxter Building, HQ of the Fantastic Four, stating that with his ability to change his shape, he would be able to easily gain entrance to the labs.

Right. Because Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four would not possibly be prepared against a infiltration attempt by a Skrull.

This is interesting. Tigra appears to be using a phone that is certainly retro by Marvel tech standards. What is going on here? Is she a traitor reporting to her handlers? Or more interestingly, could she be taking notes on the phone's built-in digital recorder and taking pics with the phone cam because she needs the material for her Civil War tell-all book contract? Civil Wars: Superheroes, Villains, Sex, Violence and the Inside Story of One Woman's Determination to Succeed in a (Super) Man's World - My Heroic Story by Greer (Tigra) Garson.


  1. I think that the 'you look like my last date's grandma' line was Johnny being extremely hyperbolic. No mistake on the art front there.

  2. Oh that's right, blame the clone. It's always the clone's fault, isn't it?

  3. While Civil War has been an interesting read, it is chock full of issues for long time comic readers. The biggest one for me is many characters acting so out of character. But the ones that you pointed out were dead on for issue #5. I just hope that someone at Marvel knows what to do when Civil War ends in two issues.

  4. See, this is one of the biggest examples(though there are many) of why I hate Mark Millar. Most of his Civil War scenes were pretty cool in their own way, but making Tigra a spy...when she's really not a thing like that...or as bad, is part of what really pissed me off about him and Civil War along with much else he did to other characters. Why, some of you might have seen what I posted on "Tigra's public humiliation" and yes, it is just a comic, as Sleestak himself said, but that an ass like Millar would do this, and a lotta other stuff, and I get mad more than most when this kind of crap happens, makes it very plain to see why I wish Mark Millar to, at the very least, get fired and made persona non grata, even if it is fictional characters he's doing this to and not actual people. Really, he's a hater of America and a big jerk anyway.


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