Monday, November 06, 2006

You, effendi, are the good conqueror!

In My Greatest Adventure #79 (May 1963), American troops save the sacred oil wells* of a middle-eastern village threatened by Nazi invasion and are welcomed with open arms by people who are grateful for being occupied by the armed forces of another nation. If only that worked in real life as well as it does in comic books.
I think that the village elder is being ironic, which is totally lost on G.I. Joe, there.

Tags: Comic Book As Geopolitical Commentary

* Aren't they all?


  1. See, this just proves that most cultures welcome the US's benevolant invasions. Do you see any other countries that have to put up with the White Man's Burden?

  2. 1963, eh? How old would Bush have been then? If we can prove this ish shipped to Midland, this may explain everything!


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