Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chill it! Dig?

This heart-warming scene from Amazing Spider-Man #123 (August 1973) between Mary Jane (Party-Woman) Watson and Peter (Spider-Man) Parker occurs about a day after Peter buried his murdered fiance, Gwen Stacey.
Nice. He married MJ, why?



  1. Let's face it, tiger, you hit the jerkpot.

  2. I guess that many of you have forgotten how unpleasant Gwen Stacy, Betty Brandt and Felicia Hardy had been to Peter.

  3. Gwen had issues because Petey was connected to Spider-Man and she thought he killed her dad. Betty Brant was his first girlfriend and I don't recall her being a jerk. And Felecia is just nuts.

  4. MJ don't put up with no emo BS. She's too good for Peter. I mean, too good for the Marvelverse. She's the Iris West of Manhattan.

    Sure, Pete had good reason to be bummed in this scene, but it was years before he shared any of that with her. From her perspective he's just treating her as a take-as-needed emotional crutch. MJ behaved like a healthy IRL woman would...which is perhaps why she scares the crap out of fanboi.


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