Sunday, December 30, 2007

You can put me in the "I Hate Joe Q" camp now

Spidey can find it in himself to lift a 20 ton piece of machinery off of his back because of the thought of all the people who rely on him gives him strength to persevere. But he can't say no to the Devil?
I stated before I understand why Joe Quesada would want to return Peter Parker to single status and get rid of MJ, but I don't have to like it.

I don't.


  1. "It's bad enough that Marvel has a serial killer selling cars, but now the U.S. Army is paying for product placement type ads in comic books . . . "

    You do realize you just put the US Army one step lower than a serial killer, right? Seriously, even assuming one kid in a million would even notice this "recruiting" technique, are you honestly saying that recruiting for the military and serving your country is on a par, much less worse than, being a serial killer?

    Also, no one who buys a comic book is a captive audience. If you don't want to buy the thing, then don't buy it. It is a choice not an addiction. Well, except for comic book guy on The Simpons.

  2. I explained what I meant by "captive". Ignoring commercials on the tv is different than being in a theater or buying a book. Most people don't stop going to movies or walk out because there is a Pepsi can in the scene.


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