Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another dumb blond

Beautiful, matriculating Jean has a brilliant mind but refuses to use it to her full potential, worried that if she displays above-average intelligence then she will be attractive only to nerdy guys from Nowheresville, USA!

Jean ensures she is as non-threatening as possible to males by engaging in the time-honored practice of self-sabotaging every one of her personal relationships, distancing herself from the articulate crowd and playing the part of a dumb blond (She has a silly disguise, though. It's obvious to anyone she is a genius because she wears big glasses and is rendered all the hotter when she takes them off). Soon enough, Jean soon hooks up with hunky Rick and falls in love.

But Jean's relationship is doomed. Rick is interested only in scratching an itch before settling down with his brainy, book-selling girlfriend and pursuing a college education. Rick is really interested only in hot, sexy women who can challenge him intellectually.

In due course Rick dumps Jean in public and thoroughly crushes and humiliates her by abruptly introducing her to his fiancee, because why not? Jean is stupid and will likely forget all about her broken heart once she gets distracted by something a shiny gum wrapper or seagull. Check out how logical and cool Rick is when he explains his relationship to jean. Of course, he takes the opportunity to rub it in a bit too. Smart people do that because they are superior to the little brains.
The lesson to be learned here by Jean and all women is that it is better to just be yourself and not be a phony if you want a good man. And hot. Don't forget you need to be hot.

From "When Love Is Lost!", published in Our Love Story #17 (June 1972). Written by Stan Lee in defiance of all that is good.

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  1. "I told Rick to date other girls for a while." MWAHAHAHA


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