Monday, December 31, 2007

Keep the ads on the ad pages

It's bad enough that Marvel has a serial killer selling cars, but now the U.S. Army is paying for product placement type ads in comic books (And what's up with the name tag on that soldier that reads "MUTART" in that other ad anyways?).

I understand that the days of the Count Dante account supporting a comic are long gone but I wish Marvel (and others) wouldn't allow the military to place advertising within the stories themselves. Comic Books are still perceived to be disposable fare for children and teens by the greater public. What's next, a cartoon character selling booze and cigarettes?

I could think of a few things that would serve the comic better to have showing on the Avenger's penthouse entertainment system than a commercial for the military. For instance, a Hayley Mills film like "Sky West and Crooked" would not be out of place.
If Marvel wants to promote the armed services then they should just have that old G.I. Joe cartoon running in the background. That show probably faked more kids into joining up than any number of "MUTART" ads would ever do.

Or Wolvie could have drifted off watching the bestest television show ever!
Comic book readers are somewhat of a captive audience. Product placement in the movies is one thing, there is no way to show commercials for added revenue otherwise. But comic books have full pages already devoted to advertising. Short of tearing out those pages there is no way for a reader to avoid at least giving them a glance, hence money well spent by the marketing agencies. So do me a favor and keep the ads on the advertising pages.


  1. Even though TRO responded on another post to this entry I'll respond.

    It isn't important how many kids notice it, what is the issue is that it is being done at all. Like Joe Camel selling cigarettes.

    And no, I didn't equate the US Army with a serial killer, I'm pointing out the ridiculousness of the advertising placement as in Green Goblin pushing a car.

  2. One bit of product placement that I found amusing in a recent Marvel comic was a plug on the side of a bus for The Colbert Report (I think it was the last issue of the Civil War series). As you probably know, Colbert's now in possession of Captain America's shield.

  3. Lame...

    that's all there is to it.

    i don't have a problem with the army buying an ad page like everybody else, but a product placement in the story that's just gross. Come on Marvel


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