Monday, December 31, 2007

Time Travelin' Schatzi's Happy New Year!

You never know where Time Travelin' Schatzi © will show up next! But Schatzi is a good dog so he stole a few minutes from his mission to save all of reality to drop in on San Diego's beautiful Ocean Beach in the year 1918 and pose for a Happy New Year photo with some bathers!

Moments after the photo was taken Schatzi sniffed out the sun-worshipers as actually being smelly tourists from Maryland and chased them off our beaches and out of the county, sending them all on their way back to Stupidlandia where they came from with comical rips to the seats of their pants and swim trunks. Schatzi doesn't like the Maryland tourists fouling San Diego's beaches and fine vistas with their imported garbage, foul presence and heathen ways. Good boy!

Where will Schatzi appear next? One never knows!


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