Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Night of 1 Stars

In 1964 in the UK, Hayley Mills appeared with some long-forgotten minor celebs on the variety television program A Night of 100 Stars.

Decades after her appearance and only her star still brightly shines and it blazes mightily in spite of that one attention-desperate skank to her right hiking up her costume skirt up to expose some copious flank for the camera.

Your sad attempts at longevity failed to withstand the test of time, you hussy. Hayley + Talent = Win.


  1. I have an idea there were one or two other stars present that night whose light hasn't entirely dimmed yet.

  2. I understand your special interest here, but when you start describing the Beatles as "long forgotten minor celebs", you are past obsessive and into delusional.

  3. Pffft. What did the Beatles ever do for Hayley?

  4. Isn't that Barbara Windsor on the right? She of the Carry on films and EastEnders. If so, not actually forgotten.


    And - good lord - that isn't Geraldine McEwan kneeling down, is it?

  5. >good lord - that isn't Geraldine McEwan kneeling down, is it?

    The woman kneeling is award winning British actress Anna Massey, probably most famous to horror fans as Helen from Michael Powell's awesome Peeping Tom ('60), and as Donna the Vampire from the Amicus classic Vault of Horror ('73) film. She's been making film and TV (in the UK and America) since the late 50's and is still incredibly busy with her career and also still very popular. Here's her IMDb link:


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