Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Most Exciting Place on Earth

On occasion advertising, even those generated from large agencies, will contain an error or two in their presentation. A minor failure in proofreading, clarity or sheer carelessness will sometimes allow a conceptual goof to slip by the watchful eyes of the editors and creative staff. When that happens the results can be dumbfounding, unintentionally hilarious or insulting and offensive.

What usually occurs is careful and well-considered art and copy specifically designed to attract attention both consciously and unconsciously. These artfully crafted messages that could be construed as an innocent coincidence usually rely upon promoting a product through sex or sexual situations. Take for example this plug for Disneyland & California Adventure theme parks "2 Fer" gift card promotion. It features a little kid straining to pull a sword out of an anvil. Or he's showing Dad just who the man in the family really is.

The horses in the background are a nice touch, also. I don't recall a carousel being at at either park but I admit it has been a few years since I've visited them.

There are no mistakes in advertising.


  1. Actually, yeah there is a carousel right behind the sword-in-the-stone schtick at Disneyland. But otherwise... wow.

  2. Man.. I knew there were soemething reeeally wrong with that Tumnus guy...

  3. Funny. I kind of tend to think/hope that this was unintentional.

    And yeah, there are carousels at both parks. The Disneyland one's been there since the park opened:


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