Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweet Su

1967 film starring Shirley Eaton (best known as the woman murdered by paint in Goldfinger) loosely based on the Sax Rohmer pulp stories.

I am for any film where people try to knife Frankie Avalon to death but this is not as fun of a film as the sexy spy-farce Deadlier Than the Male and it can even be painful to watch primarily because of the choice of male leads. There are a few other cinematic large-breasted entries to the Sumaru story but I recommend the original printed tales.


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  2. In the early days of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (when they were just broadcast on a local Minneapolis TV station) they actually used this as one of their movies. If you haven't seen it before (and would like to) let me know and I'll try to make a copy of it for you.


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