Friday, September 28, 2007

You're darn right I pre-ordered two of them

The world is a little bit brighter now that a 12" vinyl Sleestak doll exists. It's really a bank, but why would I use it for that?. This toy is made for playin'!

It's about dang time!

Come December I will also have someone to take on vacations and prison visitations with me and dress in cool thematic costumes and Bully will have someone to play with.



  1. I came over here as soon as I saw this on Sterling's End Of Civilization post. I feel like I should congratulate you, or something!

  2. Now you can slowly chase the animals that torment you with them.

    Make a video.

  3. Could a furry Cha-Ka pencil topper be far behind?

  4. The moment I saw that toy in Previews I thought of you. Very cool. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with them. I know I would.

  5. You need another one to use as a hood ornament on the Sleemobile.

  6. Where oh where do we order these rubber 'Staks?


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