Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Futura - Chapter 5

For a B-Minus retrograde secretary Futura nee Marcia Reynolds handles herself pretty well when challenged with adversity. Having become the leader of the rebels Futura settles in and makes plans to not only defeat the Brain-Men but return to her previous life on her own terms.

Adapting quickly to her situation Futura makes use of the local population and exploits the environment as a weapon against the Masters of Pan-Cosmos. Several of the chapters of Futura address animal exploitation but not as a preachy, animal rights message. The animals in the story are used and discarded in much the same manner by both the protagonists and antagonists alike. The typical mind-set of 50 years ago was that nature existed to be used with little regard to the consequences and wise management of resources was given little consideration by anyone not raised in the country. Few people cared how chickens were raised and in what conditions, they just wanted it on the table for eating when they got home.

The Brain-Men attempt to manipulate nature for their own ends and Futura and the rebels do much the same using both native and engineered creatures against against one another. This works for both factions with varying success. The Brain-Men are hoisted by their own petard as their creations are used against them. The rebels have little control over their animal forces and are as much at risk of falling prey to the beasts as the Masters of Pan-Cosmos. The unintended message of the story is that nature is ultimately not to be brought under the will of man. It refuses to be manipulated and both the wild animals and the genetically manipulated creatures are of limited use. They create havoc and eventually self-destruct and need to be killed when their usefulness is ended.

The public consciousness has changed in recent years and some common sense is being applied in the way humans interact with the environment (at least in countries that can afford to). It is a slow process but one that is gaining in momentum. Real and lasting progress may soon be evident unless some unmanageable disaster occurs to threaten the food supply. Uncontrollable costs, dwindling supply and the amount people will accept to be inconvenienced may cause what progress that has been made to be set back. It seems nearly inconceivable now but in America during World War II there was the perception that there just wasn't enough food to go around. rationing was enacted for food, fuel and most other products because the supply could not meet wartime demands. People were urged to grow their own food to take up the slack and recycling was nearly mandatory. Nothing was wasted at risk of social ostracism and being thought of as unpatriotic.

Enjoy some Grade-A certified Free-Range Futura from Planet Comics #47 (March 1947).


  1. Love FUTURA! Keep her coming! Thanx.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for posting this. "Saurian giants raging mad with fear..." Don't be scared, Saurian giant! It's only a comic book! ;o)


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