Thursday, January 08, 2009

A 12-Course Meal Would Probably Kill You

Advertisement placed in the premiere issue of Life Magazine (November 1936).

Click the picture to make it as big as that spot on your lungs the Doctor found on the X-Ray.

I'd be surprised if anyone attending that meal made it to the New Year. Lying, lying, lying Government-enabled Corporate monsters. If only they would have gone the way of the housing market.


  1. Smoking at the dinner table? How unbelievably tacky!

    I don't care it if was the forties or the fifties, when cigarettes were considered "healthy", you still didn't smoke an entire pack while eating! You waited and put on your smoking jacket and THEN gave yourself cancer.

  2. oh my...

    I feel sick.
    Seriously, this disgusts me.
    I know things aren't that much better now, advertisment-wise...
    but seeing how bad things were back in the day...

  3. Wow, I thought I was a smelly smoking fiend.. but what i was really doing was increasing alkalinity!
    Because that's..important. No wonder Don Draper seems suicidal, having to come up with stuff like this.

    So pushy! "Enjoy a Camel between every bite!".

    And I love everything retro except for food. Piping hot Plum pudding with ketchupy goodness! Jello-slathered ham! I'm exaggerating, but only slightly-this is Thanksgiving. So why not chew a Camel along with your onion-lard-Trisket hors d'oeurve?

  4. That is appalling even by the Santa-with-a-carton-of-Luckies standards of that era. Laying aside all health concerns, this is as revolting as a soda-pop bottler insisting that chugging down a can of their hypercaffeinated dishwater will, uh, put some lead in your pencil and sharpen your wits.

    Red Bull - the 21st century Camel.


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