Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Really, Marvel?

It's been long established Jennifer Walters has always gotten more than the usual kick out of fisticuffs and the Sentry cuts a fine figure so who can blame a girl for getting all enthusiastic, but...

Hard enough to score concrete?

Oh, and it doesn't matter what font you write it in, Earth-8009 will always look like Earth-BOOB at first glance.

Like that was a coincidence.

Images from Savage She-Hulk #4 (September 2009), only one was manipulated. Guess which one.


  1. And throw sparks!

    I have never loved her more.


  2. at first i didn't notice the scoring from her nipples because i was so distracted by the weird airbag deployment of her breasts. i never knew breasts were safety features.

  3. i agree with carol, I was very confused by her airbag-boobs but the concrete scoring is hilarious once pointed out


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