Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog Pwned

Krypto featured in Wednesday Comics AND the new Adventure Comics series? Oh, heck yes! I'm all about any story featuring the Legacy Dog. More!

Adventure Comics #1 (October 2009)


  1. It was a good week for us Krypto-fans, indeed. I had seen mention by Geoff Johns that Adventure would feature a lot of Krypto, and I am in full support of the measure.

    The Wednesday Comics Supergirl strip is a favorite. As much as I am enjoying the current continuity Supergirl since Gates took over, I sort of wish they'd find space for this sort of stuff occasionally in the mainline Superman books.

  2. Krypto is the reason I can't have a dog. What puppy could possibly match up. I have a cat but he IS a Super Cat like Streaky. If you think I am kidding about my love for Kryto, go to this addy and see what I thought was last year's BEST moment in comics bar none.


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