Friday, October 30, 2009

What is really scary

Monsters and demons are not the real terrors in this world. What is really scary is having fire trucks, police cars and ambulances tear past your car at high speed down your street as you approach your final turn before arriving home.


  1. Hopefully nothing was amiss at your home ...?

  2. I've had this happen too, or the city dweller equivalent. One time it was walking home and discovering the flashing lights I'd been seeing up ahead were coming from two fire trucks parked in front of my building. The other time it was arriving to discover the whole street cordoned off by police barricades due to a bomb threat. Both were false alarms but you never forget that initial moment of worry.

    Hoping your Halloween is calm and unexciting by comparison!

  3. Nah. But it makes you think of all kinds of things.

  4. Fire trucks, police cars and ambulances are pretty bad, but a room full of eyeballs is pretty bad too.


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