Thursday, March 18, 2010


:: Long hours and changing sleep schedules is taking a toll. No energy for anything other than watching television and snoozing so I'll just post a funny comic book panel (From Beware #11, August 1952).

:: It'll be about a month until I can afford to buy the next chapter of Futura. So should I wait for the real thing I can scan or post the awful, low resolution microfiche copy I found online?

:: Zzzzzzzz...


  1. Good heavens, they're taking her to the secret Aqua Planet! Maybe a link to the microfiche and then post the real deal when you get it? My Bag-O-Plagues will have ceased to be entertaining by then. And, pray tell, what what is that gorilla panel from?

  2. Comic started with a 'B'. I've had this image a while so I'm not sure where it came from.

  3. So, when did he shave the ape and name him Hulk Hogan?

  4. WAIT, and get your rest, Sleestak. Yer a busy person these days!

  5. wait-- the low resolution might only make you sad.


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