Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Christian Woman Stops Robbery With Guilt

This video of a woman in a store talking a guy out of robbing her is hitting the media outlets faster than a psychic on a rich widow. Nearly every news organization and uncountable blogs are leading with the story of Jesus stepping in to save the woman from harm and/or the money from being stolen. Watch this video and note were the would-be robber actually changes his mind. It has little to do with Jesus.

I doubt that stores make the teller or employee reimburse the company in the event of being robbed. I have worked for many companies retail or otherwise and have never heard personally of any place that did. Repayment may be sought after theft by the employee in some cases, from negligence sometimes, but not when forced to give up items of value. I would really like to know the official policy from the company about compensation from employees in the event of robbery.

i asked, but since it is unlikely I will hear back from that company and news organizations will certainly never question her statement of having to pay back the company it appears that what an article in the Miami-Herald calls a "fib" (others call it a lie) and guilt is what stopped the robber and not the invisible hand of the Lord. It appears more the worry that someone reluctant (or unstable and easily coerced) to commit a crime in the first place would cause the victim inconvenience than divine intervention. It is clear that the woman showed no fear, and if her belief enabled to her to calmly dialog and confront a man with a gun, then great. Often not acting like prey is almost all that is needed to avoid being a victim. But that can backfire and is a personal choice, not one that an employee should make for the company and any other persons in the store or the vicinity.

It is quite possible the company will terminate her employment for not cooperating with a robber. Interfering with criminal activity can have serious consequences as some Sprint employees, among others recently discovered. Most companies have strict rules about how to deal with criminal activity and not cooperating can create extreme risk for others. Her unwillingness to follow the orders of the armed man actually extended the length of the robbery and the time he was in the store. Every moment he remained in the store increased the risk for everyone involved. That is why it is better, if not policy, to comply, give the person the goods or funds and let them depart as fast as possible. Fortunately she was not harmed. What is unfortunate is how the news is playing up this event.

Try critical thinking, please, before attributing things to magic.


  1. That's the saddest thing I've seen in a long time.

  2. You can't believe a word the robber said though.


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