Monday, January 10, 2011

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 20

Planet Comics #54 (May 1948) reveals a bit more about the state of human society in the rebuilt civilization. The Science Council, which may or may not have won the election to control the government (Mysta of the Moon, Chapter 14), assigns Mysta to investigate the cause of civil and worker unrest that is spreading through out society.

Since forbidden or dangerous science is involved Mysta seeks out a powerful industrialist and discovers his company is keeping employees as slaves and forcing them to labor even after being maimed from a byproduct of their work. It isn't clear if this practice is just business as usual or something new in the destabilized collection of planets. Old ethics may have been dropped for expediency as desperate people give up their rights for a job, no matter how demeaning or dangerous.

Rebellion occurs with plenty of collateral damage caused by both the "good" and "bad" sides of the struggle. Will the new boss be the same as the old boss? Mysta, who previously displayed little compassion towards villains as they died through misadventure or by her own hand, is horrified at the display of a weaponized energy source when it is deployed against an evil industrialist. Perhaps a humanizing influence by her lab assistant Bron is enabling Mysta to reconnect with people and see them as more than in the abstract.

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 00

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 01

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 02

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 03

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 04

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 05

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 06

Planet Comics 54 - Mysta (May 1948) 07

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