Monday, February 14, 2011

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 24

Planet Comics #58 (January 1949) gives readers a peek into Mysta's former involvement with the governmental authorities as a menace from her past returns. When Mysta "convinced" the collected worlds of human society to disarm the opportunistic thief Sindar stole plans for forbidden weapons. He planned to build them on his own and use them to take control of a newly rebuilt and vulnerable civilization. Sindar was sentenced to exile on a prison planet by Mysta, who apparently had some say and position of power in the government. Whatever position Mysta maintained in the government she seems to have relinquished it in favor of a consulting or behind-the-throne role, remaining and monitoring humanity from her fortress moon.

The prison world may have been the same one that the impostor Bron was freed from previously to spy on Mysta. It is interesting to note that the plan of replacing a person of influence was again attempted albeit of a much more publicly known individual.

When Sindar escapes from the prison planet and threatens the peace Mysta again aids the Safety Council, continuing to act undercover as a technician. The term 'technician' may have a different meaning than a mere repair person as the agents seem to operate with a great degree of autonomy during crises. That the technicians seen thus far are mostly female and live in Safety Council headquarters may only mean that they are housed by gender as highly-skilled on-call operatives who maintain a ready and able force that responds and deploys at a moment's notice, like firemen or military squads do today. Mysta does not seem to get along with the other technicians, though and they are highly competitive and threatened by the newcomer.

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 00

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 01

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 02

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 03

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 04

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 05

Planet Comics 58 - Mysta (Jan 1949) 06

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