Monday, March 07, 2011

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 27

Planet Comics #61 (July 1949) is the second to last original Mysta of the Moon story to appear in the long-running science fiction comic book.

In this chapter Mysta again aids the Safety Council against a gang of criminals with access to advanced technology. There isn't any politics involved to speak of and the criminals appear to be simple thugs out for a payday. One questions how inexpensive and available the technology is to allow criminals to transport and enlarge small creatures to giant size. It must be common knowledge and fairly economical at this point because Mysta has had to deal with tyrants and crooks using size-changing science several times over the course of her career.

Assistant Bron appears once more and again reveals his dissatisfaction with his lonely exile to Mysta's fortress moon. Having been released from a prison colony to spy on Mysta his life has surely been extended by improved conditions but Bron is still in a prison of sorts. Mysta certainly knows it and has undoubtedly restricted access to many of her devices including spaceships. Bron may not have been an innocent sent to the prison colony and Mysta could be allowing him probation of sorts by remaining on her moon. However lonely and isolated Bron may be the alternative would be to return to a short-lived existence of hard labor.

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 00

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 01

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 02

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 03

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 04

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 05

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 06

Planet Comics 61 - Mysta (July 1949) 07

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