Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To A Girl Like You

As several people have reminded me today is the birthday of my favorite actress and unrequited chaste crush Hayley Mills. Trust me folks, I don't need reminding. My calendar is marked and the admin assistants at the Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex here in sunny San Diego has been taping photocopies announcing the event to the time clock and coffee machine for the last couple of weeks. So I dragged myself out of bed to post something and hey, the pain of sitting in a chair is worth it for Hayley. I have no regrets.

UPDATE! 2011 has been exciting year so far at the HMCC as we finally received some non-region DVD's of Wild At Heart and a copy of Sky West and Crooked. The Hayley-centric episodes of Wild At Heart have been playing nearly non-stop in the Hayleydome movie theater to standing-room-only crowds.

As a treat a special midnight screening of 1970s Take A Girl Like You was held and fans dressed up as their favorite characters from the movie and acted out scenes a la Rocky Horror. It was great fun though everyone booed Oliver Reed every time he appeared on screen.

take a girl like you

I totally get that. Oliver Reed pawing Hayley? Even though it was just movie magic FX we just had to keep telling ourselves "It's only a movie...It's only a movie..." until it was all over. Fortunately nurses were in attendance to provide aid to those who went into shock when Oliver tried to kiss Hayley WHICH NEVER HAPPENED.

Oliver aside here is the opening title sequence from Take A Girl Like You with Hayley Mills being adorable times infinity.

Be honest, is Hayley great or the greatest ever? That's right, she's both!

The big birthday bash was held in the main dining hall and as usual, a plate was left empty at the head of the table for Hayley in respect just in case she showed up. Not that we expected her to visit this year, we all know how busy she is being adorable (that is a full-time job). It is enough that the HMCC exists and has such enthusiastic international support from all the fans.


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