Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Case of Animal Cruelty

If your pet snake gets too big for the terrarium why don't you just set it free, jerk? Dropping it off in a sealed cheese ball jar behind a strip mall on a hot pavement in the sun to bake to death is not right.

Were you thinking someone would find it and adopt it? It's a snake, jerk, and had to be over four feet long. Maybe you thought setting it free would hard on the mouses and birds in the area. If that is how your brain works there is something wrong with your wiring. Take responsibility for what you do.

After calling Animal Control and describing the snake they advised me it wasn't harmful to people or pets and to set it free. I let it go in a hilly area full of trees near the mall. Couldn't tell you if the shock of being set free from a steaming death trap into a cooler environment will kill it or not but at least it has a chance now. I released the snake in stages, though. Moved the jar to the shade so it would cool down a bit closer to the outside temperature before getting set free. Did I mention you are a jerk?

I wish RFID chips were common enough to be implanted in that cheese ball container so the proper authorities could track you down by your purchases and you could get the sound thrashing you deserve.

Found in San Diego off Governor Drive, 6-5-11.


  1. I'm so glad you noticed what was happening and did something about it! I agree the owner is a douche but I'm so glad that the story has a happy ending!

  2. Wotta sadistic b/tard! I hope karma bites him on the ass by having him wind up on the IRS' permanent s4!t list.

  3. You did good, mister. I'm proud to be one of your readers.

  4. Say, I live in Florida, and we have a huge problem with large snakes being set free by their former keepers. No we have breeding populations of Pythons and other dangerous snakes. So, if your snake gets too big for you, kill it and eat it, Ghod-damn-it! Don't set it free.

  5. eh, the sleezoid could have found the cheeseball container in the recycling, then an RFID chip would send authorities to the wrong person.

    no, better would be a security camera behind the strip mall, no? catch them in the act and put them on the internet for all to see like that cat-in-the-trash-can lady?

    good job trying to bring it down to temperature. may the snake live a long and normal life in the wild.


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