Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Nein Nein Percent

Saw this cartoon hosted by Daryle Cagle the other day skewering the social divide between the Haves and the Have Nots. While the artist is Romanian the cartoon can certainly be applied to the current mood in the United States of the 99% and Occupy movements.

The cartoon served to remind me of the introductory page from the May 1979 issue of the Marvel Comics series Super-Villain Team-Up #16.

In this latter-day iteration of the characters the Hate-Monger and the Red Skull are Nazis and the victims displayed for their amusement beneath the glass floor are being persecuted for their heritage. If one was not aware of the back-stories of the characters it would be the setting and the dead-on captions that could also serve as an example of the gap between those with power and money and the average citizens who are expected to kneel, obey and use their paychecks to support the goals and lifestyles of those who would be our masters.


  1. This picture is very expressive, and I want to know what is the meaning of this recommendations above this box of comments about Christians?

  2. The only problem I've encountered with comment spam is from Christians flooding the site with their cut and paste rantings about god and how people will suffer for eternity. When I ask them to stop they respond with increased efforts and hostility. So I filter out the attacks before they get to the site for me to clean up afterwords.

    I wish all I got was spam for hot girls who want to party or opportunities to unlock a vast fortune if I just give them my credit card info.


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