Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You will hear his voice in your head as you read this


  1. Reminds me of that horrible episode of TNG with the troi cake.

    " Christians. That is...Racist, homophobic hate-mongers."

    You'll keep those with the mindset of Dr. Martin Luther King away, also.

  2. If they are racist homophobic hate-mongers so be it

  3. If the nature of the comments you recieve on your blog were analogous to groups that were victimized in the Holocaust: Jews would be questions regarding your moderation policy; Gypsies/homosexuals/political prisoners would be any other kind of comment.

    Or said another way: Gee, you sure get a lot of comments regarding your moderation policy...

  4. As stated previously, the only people who have given me grief, far above and beyond spammers and trolls, are self-professed christians. Hostility, threats, racist slurs and homophobic rants are the most common themes of attempted comments.

  5. Well, I am a Christian, but I am also an advocate for LGBTQ rights. I don't think that Jesus cares one jot if someone is gay. Wait, I take that back. I'm pretty sure that Jesus celebrates human differences in ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation; and I'm positive that He values all love, hetero, homo, and other.

    But I'm here to post about Tuvok's cake. Tuvok is awesome. So is Voyager. I'm kind of tired of hearing people put down Voyager so that they can elevate TNG or DSN. They are all good. Some days I even feel that Voyager is my favorite. Anyway, doesn't Tuvok kind of remind you of Data?

  6. Voyager was the the only one of the Trek series I got tired of and stopped watching. DS9 was so much better.

    Leslie: Remember that Martin Luther King, probably the most famous Christian in American history, was, of course, Christian.

  7. Your average American Xian isn't so tolerant and again, they are the only reason I've moderated. I have had little to no spam problems. Only attacks from the the godly threatening, raging.


Moderation enabled only because of trolling, racist, homophobic hate-mongers.

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